Classical Music? Environmental Sound? What type of music positively influences our children?


Exposing children to music from an early age has amazing effects on their development. However, there are many genres of music and it is important to consider which types of music children are exposed to. In this article, we will introduce some musical genres that are good for children to listen to.

Do children become smarter if they listen to classical music?

It has been thought for many years that children who listen to Mozart and other classical music grow up to be smarter. However, although it has been proven that listening to music at an early age does improve one’s intelligence, there is no particular evidence that the genre has to be classical music. These ideas spread based on an article published in the 1993 issue of “Nature” magazine.
Classical music often includes piano and orchestra and includes many types of sounds which often make children feel calm and relaxed. Children who feel this way when listening to classical music should continue to listen to this genre.

Listening to Jazz and Classical Music is better than Pop

Pop music is a very accessible musical genre.

However, many pop songs include rhythms that stimulate the brain and often cause excitement. In comparison, classical music and jazz require the person playing the instrument as well as those listening to be calm and listen carefully. Listening and playing this type of music will encourage children to act calm and collected.

It is not good to be skewed to one genre when determining which music your child listens to!

By limiting your child’s musical exposure to a one or two genres (like classical and jazz), you are also limiting his/her musical development. There are many genres of music around the world and many musical genres are representations of the country’s people and culture. Children should be exposed to as many musical genres as possible from a young age. They will then begin to choose which genres they like as they get older.

When attending children’s classes it is important to choose a music class that will expose your child to not only classical and jazz music but also musical genres like reggae, Latin and African. During the class, your child will be able to play instruments, dance and sing with children around his/her age. Many classes accept children as young as 6 months so it is a great way to start your child’s early learning.

Musical boxes are great ways for children and adults alike to calm their minds

Orchestral music is a popular kind of classical music that has a large variety of songs which excite one’s mind. Some children prefer this type of classical music while others preview quieter pieces with organ or piano. There is also environmental music (with water sounds and birds chirping) which are great to calm kids down when they are overexcited. If you get children in the habit of listening to calming music 30 minutes before they go to bed, they will be able to fall asleep quicker and get better sleep.

Music is essential in supporting your child’s growth and development.
When at home, the musical genre is often restricted to the genres parents and siblings like.
However, it is important for families to explore lots of different musical genres.