Singing with your child is beneficial in the following 6 ways!


Listening to children’s songs is fun for parents and kids alike. Many children love singing and there are even after school activities like choir and chorus that focus on singing.

Although singing is fun on its own, the activity actually has various benefits for both parents and kids. In this article, we will introduce some of the main benefits children can gain from singing.

6 Benefits Children Can Gain from Singing Songs

・Singing improves memory skills
Music stimulates the brain and activates the hippocampus. As a result, listening to music encourages the listener to remember their relationship with the music. In addition, singing a song requires the singer to remember the lyrics, follow the rhythm, tune and tone which stimulates the brain even more. The rhythm and tones of music makes it easier for us to remember the lyrics and this applies to even very young children.

When it comes to really young children, they remember the lyrics based on hearing them rather than reading them so they often remember songs that they were sung to by their parents first.

・Singing gives us a feeling of security
Singing has the ability to soothe our minds. Some children feel scared and unsafe when they are unable to feel the warmth of the mother near them. When parents sing lullabies and other children’s songs to them it often helps soothe them and make them feel more safe.

・Singing helps children practice using words
Children learn the majority of their vocabulary from everyday communication. However, the lyrics in songs follow a rhythm which makes it easier for children to pick up and remember the words. Even children who are not confident talkers, can learn new vocabulary and use it when it is in a song. This helps them gain confidence about speaking in front of others.

・Singing helps develop one’s sensitivities
When singing a song, most children hold special feelings about the song they chose and attempt to share these feelings with those listening. When singing a sad song, they use a sad, lower voice and when singing a happy song they have more energy and sing louder. As a result, when singing songs, we naturally pick up the emotions being portrayed by the lyrics and think about how we can share these emotions with our audience.

・Singing helps improve physical strength
In order to sing loudly it is important to “sing from your stomache” which requires us to use our stomach muscles. When singing a song using belly breathing it is a lot of exercise to complete one song. As a result, singing is often considered a type of exercise which strengthens our bodies. Singing using belly breathing also helps our blood circulation, improves metabolism, and immunity.

・Singing helps relieve stress
Singing is an affective stress reliever. Singing with a loud voice relaxes our nerves and relieves our stress.

Let’s try to incorporate singing into our daily family routine!

Many after school activities incorporate music and singing. However, It Is important to continue to explore music and singing at home as well. Families who do not listen to music and sing at home should try to incorporate these activities into the regular routine whenever possible.

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