Will programming become a mandatory subject at schools in 2020?


Due to the shortage of Web engineers and IT staff, the Japanese Ministry of Education announced on 4/19/16 that programming will be a mandatory subject at elementary schools in Japan from 2020. As a result, the interest in programming education is expected to grow in future years. Families with children who are entering elementary school over the next few years will most likely be studying programming at school. Since programming is a topic that most parents are not familiar with, it will be hard to help their children when they are struggling with this topic at school. It will help to give your child a head start and expose them to programming before they enter elementary school.

However, how can parents expose their children to programming right now. We will introduce some methods in this article.

What are the benefits of studying programming?

Many programmers receive high salaries due the shortage of workers in the field. Although it depends on the position, it is not impossible to receive between 8,000,000 yen and 15,000,000 yen for an annual salary. If your child understands programming and finds a job in the field, not only will they be able to find a job that has social significance but also a job that has a high salary.

Also, in our global society where the world around us is becoming more and more IT focused, we expect the demand for programmers to continue to grow. IT will continue to make our daily life more convenient and comfortable. Programmers are essential to fulfilling this need and the field is attractive from the point of view as a contribution to society. By learning programming, children will feel that they will play an important role in society in the future.

What should parents do to encourage their children to like programming?

The importance of programming has recently increased at a face pace but few families are lucky enough to have someone at home who understands programming. When encouraging your child to learn English, many families understand the importance of exposing their child to a fun, English environment where their children can learn and practice English. This concept is the same for programming. To encourage our children to like programming it is important that we create a fun environment where they can learn and practice the programming concepts.

For example, using the service “programin” which was introduced by the Ministry of Education, users are able to take advantage of programming techniques to expand on a picture they made. The features make using programming fun for kindergarteners. Making use of services like this will help families incorporate programming into their daily life and studies.

Studying programming at elementary school will help Japan succeed in the global IT society. It is important that we, as parents, support our children in learning this topic and the earlier they start the better.