How to encourage your child to grow up with a love for reading


Reading books helps children develop their imaginations, their sense of concentration and their understanding of words and language. Many parents are worried that their children do not show an interest in reading when they are being read to. You will be surprised to see how some simple tricks will help your child gain an interest in reading. In this article, we will introduce some tricks for parents to try with their children.

Visit the library with your child and let him/her explore the books for his/her age

The first step is to encourage your child to like books. If you start reading to your child from a young age, he/she will naturally gain an interest in reading and start reaching for books on his/her own. Although it is beneficial to buy books for your child at times, making frequent trips to the library is a more economical way to encourage a love of books. There are many types of books at the library for children to explore. Please encourage your child to choose his/her own book. It is a great idea to always have books with reach so children can grab them easily when they want to look at them.

Encourage your child to choose the books he/she wants to read on his/her own

Parents often think that certain books are targeted at certain age groups. Some 3-year-olds enjoy looking at books targeted at elementary school kids and some elementary school kids enjoy looking at picture books sometimes. By allowing your child to choose his/her own books, they will be encouraged to explore what they are interested in at that time. If they feel that the book their parent chose is too hard or boring it may make them dislike reading in general.

Encourage your child to get in the habit of looking things up in books

Children are overall very curious beings. In their daily lives, children often spend a lot of time asking grown-ups “why”. Taking advantage of this curiosity is a great way to encourage reading. Instead of answering all their questions directly, it is better to find a book and help them find the answers on their own. In the beginning, it is difficult for younger children to search for the answers on their own. Parents should take time to look at the picture book or encyclopedia with their child and help them find the answer to their questions. It is important for children to learn that they can find what they are looking for in books and that it is fun to learn new things. If they get in the habit of looking at books for the answers to their questions they will become more interested in books.

It is hard to convince a child who doesn’t like reading to like reading all of a sudden. It is important to follow their lead and give them the opportunity to choose books on their own. Once they start getting interested in books and reading they will find out for themselves how fun exploring books can be. It is important to visit the library as much as possible and explore various types of books with your child.

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