3 tips for helping your child improve his/her memory skills


Many children have trouble memorizing information for tests. Having good memory skills will help your child succeed at school. It is important for parents to help their children improve their memory skills. In this article, we will introduce 3 ways for parents to help their children expand their memory skills.

Children can often memorize information that they are interested in. Therefore, when a child is trying to memorize data, whether they are interested in the topic or not is a very important factor. For example if your child likes trains, he/she will easily remember station names and train lines, which are difficult for grown-ups to remember. As a parent, it is important to find out what your child is interested in and encourage them to learn as much as they can about the topic. Whatever the topic he/she chooses, the more that he/she tries to remember the better his/her memory skills will become.

One’s memory skills also improve when they explain what they remember to someone else

When we put what we learned into words it often helps us remember the information. Parents should ask their children what they are interested in and what they want to learn and encourage their children to get in the habit of putting the answers into words. Research shows that people often learn better when they are asked to explain the information to someone else. By transferring what one has learned into his/her own words and then sharing the information with others is a great way to review one studies. Children who have good memory skills often consider how they can share the information with the people around them. This will make it easier for them to memorize the required information.

Also, to really remember a piece of information, it is often said that one has to repeat it at least 3 times. Explaining what you learned to various people is an effective way to repeat the information and keep it in your mind. Getting in the habit of sharing what you learned each day with some else is an effective way to improve one’s memory skills.

Linking what one has learned with their emotions is also effective

As adults, it is harder to forget something that made us happy or sad or affected us emotionally. Thus, emotional events often stay fresh in our memories. Experiencing fun and happy events or sad or difficult events often triggers our memory skills. This doesn’t mean that we should go out of our way to experience difficult events. However, raising children to enjoy their lives and encouraging them to take pleasure in what they do will help improve their memory skills.

Children who have good memories from the beginning…….

People with pervasive development disorder, are often able to remember information that they have not actually learned. However, all children who have good memories do not have this disorder. Having a good memory may be one of their special abilities. One of a parent’s roles is to help bring out their child’s special abilities. It is important that parents attend early childhood classes with their children and help them improve their skills.

It is difficult to improve one’s memory skills suddenly but working on it every day will have a great impact. When your child is young it is important to help him/her explore what he/she is interested in and encourage them to talk about what they learn to others. Starting with these 2 steps will make a big difference. For children to improve their memory skills it is mandatory for them to get help from adults.

When memorizing new information is made fun children are more likely to pay attention and learn!

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