4 Benefits of Encouraging your Child to Color Using a Variety of Colors


Recent research has shown that coloring invigorates the brain. However, there are many other benefits to coloring that most people are not aware of. In this article, we will introduce 4 benefits of coloring for your child.

Coloring benefit #1: Helps children gain a sense of color

When children are very young they often start scribbling with light color shades but as they get older children begin to distinguish between colors and choose the colors that they color with. As they ask themselves, “What color should I use here?” “What color will look nice next to this color”, they will naturally gain a sense of color. Please let them go ahead and use their imaginations and do not correct them if they use the wrong color.

Coloring benefit #2: Improves finger strength/grip

Finger strength is required for holding and moving the pencil when writing letters and words. Being able to move the pencil smoothly is essential for good handwriting skills. Before learning how to write letters it is a good idea for children to practice drawing lines, circles and zig zags. When coloring in small spaces and curves on coloring sheets, children are practicing holding and moving the writing utensil without even knowing it. When they get used to coloring, children can start practicing coloring darkly and lightly which also improves finger strength and grip.

Coloring benefit #3: Improves concentration

When working on a coloring sheet, children do not worry about the time and concentrate until the sheet is colored. Even if they cannot concentrate for a very long time at first, they will gradually be able to increase their concentration skills through practice.

Coloring benefit #4: Leads to self-confidence and sense of accomplishment

When a child finishes their coloring sheet, they feel a sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment is something that is important for young children to experience. When parents or teachers compliment a child for finishing the coloring sheet or doing a good job coloring, it improves their self-confidence. Children are more motivated to continue with their actions when they are praised by an adult. The goal is to create a sense of accomplishment which will encourage the child to want to color more and/or better next time.

Although it looks like they are only playing, coloring also stimulates the brain and improves finger grip and strength. If your child begins to like coloring, you can introduce a variety of colored pencils, crayons and markers. Many schools and classes for young children are incorporating coloring into their curriculum. Coloring is a great way to connect play with learning for young children.