Are you destroying your child’s ideas?


Many parents believe that as long as their child develops a healthy body and mind it is OK. However, when in the situation where their child is doing something different than his/her peers many parents become embarrassed and end up reprimanding their child. These actions will destroy your child’s individuality and creativity. In this article, we will explain how parents can instead encourage their child to have his/her own ideas which is becoming more and more important in our global society.

Are you destroying your child’s ideas?
In our modern global society, having one’s own ideas is desired

In the future, as more and more people and companies rely on AI, it will become more important for adults to have the creativity and ideas to create new services and products. AI can already think and move based on input data. As a result, no matter how much knowledge and information people have, unless they have the creativity and ability to come up with and present new ideas it will be difficult for them to survive in the work market. [The ability to come up with new ideas], is the ability to come up with new business, services and products that no one else has already thought of. Whether your child will succeed or not will depend on whether you, as parents, are able to support their ability to think for themselves and be creative.

How parents can support their child’s ability to come up with their own ideas

The ability to come up with one’s own ideas is something that all children are born with. However, when they are put into an environment where they are strongly encouraged to act and think like everyone else, they begin to feel more comfortable if they act and think like those around them. This makes it difficult for them to come up with and express their own ideas. It is important for parents to avoid forcing their ideas on their child or reprimanding them for doing things their own way. Next, we will introduce some ways to help encourage your child to come up with his/her own ideas and think for him/herself.

Recognize when your child has ideas that are different from those around him/her
Parents should praise them and make comments like “you thought of something great” or “you thought of something interesting”, which will encourage them to come up with more ideas.

2.Rule out assumptions
When your child mentions he/she wants to be like his friends, parents can say “friend A can do as friend A pleases” or “I want to hear what you think” and encourage your child to come up with his/her own ideas.

3.Praise them for acting differently than others
Even if it is minute, when your child has an idea or likes something different than his/her friends respect and praise him/her for having these ideas.

To encourage your child to have his/her own ideas it is important that you understand his/her feelings. In order for your child to get used to coming up with his/her own ideas, he should feel anxious about being like everyone else. So whenever, he/she thinks of something new or different than those around him/her, parents should use praise them for thinking of something new and interesting. This will help prepare your child to survive in our technology based global society.

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