Tips for getting children in the habit of studying at home from a young age


Many parents focus on physical development rather than studying until their child finishes the first year or two of elementary school. However, most children cannot automatically start studying from 3rd grade without any practice in earlier years. All elementary and junior high school students that can study have the following characteristic in common: being able to study at home. This proves that whether children are in the habit of studying at home or not has a big effect on their future studying skills. In this article, we will introduce the importance of studying at home and some tips for parents to help their child get in the habit of studying at home when they are young.

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The importance of studying at home

Let’s explain the effects of studying at home in detail. One of the reasons why children dislike going to school is because they cannot understand the content and feel it is boring. At school, the teacher does not have the time to stop teaching until everyone understands the content and instead goes on to the next material. In order to following along with the class and understand the content covered, it is important that the areas that children do not understand are covered in a timely manner and studying at home fulfills this purpose.
When studying at home, children can focus on the points that they do not understand so it is more effective than studying in a group and easier for them to improve.

Also, if they cover the content that is going to be covered the following day at school, they will become more interested in the class and enjoy going to school more. Being able to participate in the class more interactively will make going to school more enjoyable and make better use of the time they are at school.

Some tips on how to get children in the habit of studying at home

To help children get used to studying at home it is important that parents get involved. Children who are in the lower grades do not yet know how fun studying alone can be. At the beginning it is important for parents to support them and help them get in the habit of sitting at a desk.

1. Make it a rule only to study for short periods

At the beginning, sitting at the desk for only 5-10 minutes at a time is fine. Parents may think that is not enough time but starting slow is important and you can continue to add a few minutes on a weekly basis.

2. Always study at the same time each day

Parents should encourage their child to study at the same time each day and incorporate the activity into their daily routine – like after they eat snack when they get home or right before dinner. After continuing the activity on a regular basis for an extended period of time they will be begin to realize that it is time for studying and go over to their desk on their own.

3.Create an environment where they can concentrate

When your child is studying, it is important that parents turn off the TV and music. It is also a good idea to move toys and other distractions out of their view.

4. Let them experience “understanding” repeatedly

When children understand something, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and makes studying and learning more enjoyable. Please make sure to praise them when they can concentrate well and encourage them to try harder when they can’t.

5. Be around so that your child can ask questions when they need to

When children are stuck on a problem it breaks their concentration. It is important that parents are there so that they can ask questions when necessary. When they do not know something, instead of teaching them the answer right away it is a good idea to give them a hint and encourage them to think for themselves. It is important that they walk away with the feeling that they solved the problem by themselves.   

6. Children do what interests them first

To get children in the habit of studying, it is not mandatory to include writing and math. It is a good idea to include fun activities like mazes, pointing out what is wrong in the picture that will make studying fun while fulfilling the goal of encouraging them to study on a regular basis. The goal of studying at home is to give them self-confidence so don’t leave your child not knowing the answer. Encourage them to search for the answer on their own with your support. Help them gain self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

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