Frustration – the enemy of parenting! How can moms relieve their stress?


When raising children, parents often become frustrated.

Parents tend to become stressed when they are really busy or under the weather and their child refuses to listen to them. In this article, we will introduce some simple ways for moms to relieve their stress.

Talk about your troubles with friends and family

Talking with friends and family helps free one’s mind. Sharing what you are feeling with others is one way to relieve stress. If work is causing you stress then it is a good idea to speak with colleagues and if child rearing is causing you stress then it will be helpful to become friends with moms with children the same age and share stories with them. Mommy and me classes are a great place to meet moms with children the same age.

Gather your thoughts and write them down

Writing down what is in your mind is another way to relieve stress.
This is one reason why many mothers keep a diary/journal.
It does not have to be handwritten so typing one’s thoughts or even writing a blog can be helpful.

Cry if you need to

Crying is an effective way to relieve stress. If you are exhausted from daily life and child rearing, it is a good idea to just let it go and cry out loud. You will feel much better afterwards. However, it is often hard to cry if you are not sad. In this case, watching a sad movie or reading a sad book may help. Crying about something that is not directly related to your life is an effective stress reliever. However, crying from pain is not recommended so please be careful.


Exercise is the best way to relieve stress. When we sweat and warm up our bodies through exercise, our nerves shrink and we relieve stress. Any sport that requires us to move our bodies and sweat is effective so please choose a sport or type of exercise that you enjoy. Please keep in mind jogging and aerobics will be more effective than simple stretching.

Practice deep breathing

Deep breathing is a very effective way to relieve stress. When you are frustrated and/or angry, it is a good idea to take a few minutes for deep breathing before reacting to your child’s actions. This will help your brain relax so you can better handle the situation.

Using the above methods will help relieve your everyday stress. It is important to try to relieve stress on a daily basis so that it does not pile up. Joining mommy and me classes is a great way for moms to relieve stress while their children play and learn.

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