Is it safe to let your child use an educational tablet? What should you know about digital learning materials and how to use them?


Data shows that there has been an increase in the number of educational tablets for young children on the market and that many parents allow their young children to use tablets and educational apps.
Although there are many advantages to having young children use tablets, there are some points that parents should keep in mind. In this article, we will introduce the advantages of digital learning materials as well as some precautions on how to use them.

知育系タブレットを子どもに使わせて大丈夫? 知っておきたいデジタル教材の注意点と上手な付き合いかた

Advantages of Digital Learning Apps

Many digital learning apps targeted at young children use characters (animation), designs and sounds that attract their interest. This helps keep their attention and makes learning everything from hiragana, numbers to English more fun. Another advantage of digital learning apps is that they are accompanied by audio and video information so children can use them without adult assistance. Data from an American research study shows that children who used language skill development apps had a better vocabulary than children who didn’t use these apps.

Points to keep in mind when allowing your child to use digital learning apps

It is important for parents to pay attention to the strain on their child’s eyes caused by the use of digital learning apps. It is recommended that parents choose a device that allows you to limit the time spent on it or set a break time in the middle. Also, when possible it is best to avoid using devices before bedtime.

Another effect of the increased use of digital learning apps is a decrease in physical abilities among children due to the lack of exercise. Therefore, it is important that parents do not let the increased time spent on digital learning doesn’t reduce children’s outdoor play time, sports play time and communication with parents and friends.

Parents should also make sure to choose age-appropriate digital learning materials which are created by educational companies.

While there are many benefits to be gained from using digital learning materials, parents should be aware of the cautions that need to be taken to keep their child safe. In addition to limiting the amount of time your child spends using digital learning apps, it is also important to consciously provide opportunities for physical activities and communication with other children of the same age by attending preschool classes.