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Gymboree Play & Music in Japan

We acquired the rights to operation and sell Gymboree Play & Music franchises in Japan in January 2006.
The first Gymboree Play & Music in Japan opened in 2006 in Motoazabu, Tokyo.
In 2008, along with an increase in customers, we opened our 2nd site in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo.
We hope to bring the fun and learning of Gymboree Play & Music to as many families as possible.

Company Information

Our Philosophy

It all began in 1976 with an idea: stretch a child’s rapidly developing mind and body and you begin to prepare him or her for life. At Gymboree, we understand the relationships and experiences children have in the first three years of life have a profound impact on their future. In fact, the brain is most active in the first three years, in which time it will grow to 80 percent of its adult size. It’s essential for parents and caregivers to nurture a child’s development during this time. The Gymboree Learning Program is a critical component to supporting this development.

Our child-development experts have been building and growing our program for more than 30 years. We continue to focus on the whole child in order to help children acquire the key ingredients–motor skills, social skills and self-esteem–they need to grow up to be confident, happy and successful adults.

Today, the Gymboree Learning Program is stronger than ever. While our program continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of families, we will always maintain our core belief that playing and learning are inextricably linked. With the involvement of parents and caregivers, we want to give you new ways to encourage your child to problem-solve, think creatively, gain self-esteem and grow to be an independent learner. We also give you tools to support your child at each stage of development so you can help your child learn how to learn. After all, you are your child’s most important teacher and Gymboree is committed to helping you become the very best parent you can be.

Our History

Gymboree Play & Music has more than 30 years experience as the No. 1 early child education program in the world. The goal of our new program is simple: together we want to help parents around the world raise happy, confident and successful children. The Gymboree Learning Program, which was developed in the US with the help of child development experts, is now being offered at more than 600 sites in more than 30 countries.

1976Ms. Joan Barnes began operating Play Center business called Play & Music today
1986(Jan)Contract for first International Play & Music site signed -Australia
1986(July)Contract for first Play & Music in Europe signed – France
1992Gymboree (parent company) began operating the business
1992(Dec) Contract for first Gymboree Play & Music in Asia signed – South Korea
1995Gymboree Play & Music Division gained all rights to the business
2006(May)First site in Japan opened in Motoazabu, Tokyo.
2007More than 600 Play & Music sites in over 30 countries
2008(May)Second site in Japan opens in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo.

Company Overview

Company NameKids Learning Network Company
Management TeamShinji Yamada, President & CEO
Nicole Yamada, Vice-President & COO
FoundedNovember 20th, 2005
LocationMoto-Azabu Crest Building – 1st Floor
2-3-30 Moto-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo