Our On the Go Locations

Families who are unable to attend classes at our regular locations in Tokyo can now experience our original programs at the following locations. Please take this opportunity to try our popular “play-based” programming which is being offered around the world.

Central Sports Seijyo (03-5429-1631)

Fridays 10:00-10:50 Baby Music (6mos-2yrs)
Fridays 11:30-12:20 Kids Music (2-6yrs)


Wisdom Academy Mejiro (03-6914-0583)

Fridays 15:00-16:00 PRIMO Kids Programming in English (3-6yrs)

Wisdom Academy Ichigaya (03-6261-6474)

Fridays 17:00-18:00 PRIMO Kids Programming in English (3-6yrs)

Please contact each location directly to sign up for a trial lesson.

Program Contents

We offer a variety of play-based programs during which children can learn and grow in a fun English-only environment.

Baby & Toddler (0~28m)

Babies are full of curiosity. Our programs for this age group, encourage them to “explore” the world around them through art, literacy, music and more. All of our programs are age-appropriate, whether you choose our Baby Lab program for children under the age of 1 or our Global Kids program for children over 1.5 years old.

  • Play & Learn Newborns(0~6m)
  • ArtⅠ (16~24m)
  • Music Ⅰ(6~16m)
  • Family Art(16m~6y)
  • Music Ⅱ(16~28m)
  • Baby Lab(0~10m)
  • Family Music(6m~6y)
  • Global KidsⅠ (16m~28m)

Kids (28m~6y)

At this age, children are beginning to form relationships with their parents and peers. We offer a variety of classes including Dance, English, Sports and Programming with Primo.

Programs less than 2 hours

  • Primo(3y~6y)
  • Art Ⅱ(24m~36m)
     Art Ⅲ(3y~6y)
     Family Art(16m~6y)
  • Global Kids Ⅱ(28m~6y)
  • Music Ⅲ(28m~6y)
     Music Skills(3.5y~6y)
     Family Music(6m~6y)
  • English(3y~6y)
  • Dance(28m~6y)
  • Play Lab(3y~5y)

Toddler & Kids (18m~6y)

We also offer 2-hour and 3-hour preschool and after school programs based on our Gymboree original curriculum. Children improve their motivation to learn and gain global awareness. Activities differ depending on the age of the participants.

Programs longer than 2 hours

  • Preschool(18m~6y)
  • After School(30m~6y)

On the Go Events

We have extensive experience holding events. Our events have been held at department stores, shopping malls, toy stores and cafes. At all of them, we have provided a fun-filled experience for the entire family.


Event Contents

Our popular dance, music and art activities are used not only for classes but for events as well! We can customize our event agenda and activities for any age range and location (shopping malls, cafes, company family events, etc.). Host one of our fun events at your location and encourage moms, dads and children to play with each other!

Our Experience

Our On the Go classes at Shinjuku Isetan and Central Sports Seijo have received high reviews and interest. We also have experience holding art and music events that have lead to increased sales at department stores and shopping malls.

・Isetan Shinjuku (I-Kids Club)
・Central Sports Wellness Club Seijo
・Nagoya Global Gate

・Café R Roppongi Hills
・Lalaport Yokohama
・Ebisu Mitsukoshi