Member Benefits

Use of Play gyms

Families who are enrolled in classes at any of our locations in Japan are entitled to make use of our daily play gyms in our spacious and safe gym room. Our indoor playground can be used all year round without having to worry about the weather. In addition, the equipment set-up changes every 2 weeks adding excitement and challenge for children of all ages. Our play gyms are also offer a great opportunity for parents and their children to make friends from around the world.

Invitations to member-only seasonal parties

Members can participate in our fun and unique member-only seasonal parties (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) and learn about how holidays are celebrated around the world.

Discounts on Gymboree birthday parties

At Gymboree, families can rent out our facilities on weekend afternoons to hold their child’s first through fourth birthday party. Members who book their party with us will receive a special discount. (Birthday parties are not held at all of our locations in Japan.)

Lifetime global membership

Gymboree membership is global and can be used at Gymboree Play & Music locations around the world. Gymboree members will receive free membership and other benefits (such as two free classes and use of play gyms) when they show their membership card at Gymboree Play & Music locations around the world. (Specific benefits vary by country and location.)

Discounts on preschool registration fees

Families who have attended our regular classes will receive a special discount on their registration fees when they enroll in Gymboree preschool. (This discount is not available at all our locations in Japan.)

Discounts on Gymboree clothing

Gymboree members will also receive special seasonal discounts (called Gymbucks) when they order Gymboree clothing from the online retail store. (Gymbucks are not offered at all locations.)