How to raise children with a high [EQ]


In recent years, [EQ] has become more of a desired trait than [IQ]. Please refer to the previous article, « It is important to raise children with a high [IQ] as well as a high [EQ] » for a definition of [EQ]. As we stated in our previous article, [EQ] can be cultivated. In this article, we will introduce ways to improve your child’s [EQ].


What can parents do to improve their child’s [EQ]?

・Show them love and a feeling of trust from when they are a baby
Parents should show their child love as much as possible from when they are born. When children are between the ages of 0-2 years old, parents should hug them a lot and protect them from fear and anxiety. This feeling of trust plays an important role in the first rebellious phase, which takes place between the ages of 2 and 4 years old. Children who were shown a lot of love before they turn 2 years old will say “no” a lot during the their first rebellious phase. However, this is not just a child acting selfish but actually proof that even if they say “no” to things they do not like that they believe their mom will still love them. During this phase, there is a big difference between children who have this feeling of trust and those who do not. This feeling of trust also plays an important role in how your child will interact with others throughout his/her life and is directly related to his/her EQ.

・Watch them study from the sidelines
Children will be expected to study subjects like English and Math. During these times, whether parents watch their child from the sidelines or not, plays a big role in whether you improve your child’s EQ or not. If you are only after academic development then forcing your child to study on his/her own may be enough. However, from an EQ improvement perspective, this method is not as effective since how much parents are involved in their child’s studies strongly effects their EQ level.

・Decide on “Family Rules” as a family
The most effective exercises that are said to improve EQ have the following point in common and this is how strong a relationship the child has with their parents. Recently in a Twitter account run by a close family, there was mention that the child in the family creates the minutes from their family meetings. This tweet soon gained popularity on Twitter. The reason behind starting a family meeting was to create a place where the family can decide on goals together and ended up being a great place for children to learn how to make goals on their own. Being able to set one’s own goals is closely linked to being able to control one’s feelings and emotions. Having both of these qualities is important for improving EQ.

A child’s family environment is said to play a large role in the improvement of his/her EQ and this is mainly due to the importance of the relationship between adult and child. Please take all the procedures possible to help your child improve his/her EQ as soon as possible.

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